John Hanson      Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist and Producer


February 3rd 

Rehearsal space / studio is back in action. Offbeat Motif recording sessions are being scheduled. Open Mic at Raven's Nest has been kick ass, especially last night. The Daybreakers are sounding better than ever and have an album and some cool shows coming up. A solo Rooftop album, follow up to 2013's Musty Rustic EP, is in the works. I am doing a new open Mic, Thursday nights at Mr. Dooley's in Wrentham. Things are moving.

With a pending trip to SXSW on the horizon and a visit to Mexico in April, life is looking very good. I am excited for our show this Saturday even though its out in Clinton, we have to check it out. On the following friday, 2/12, OFFBEAT MOTIF has a big show in Providence with Rebel Alliance and Amulus. That's at Viva Paragon on 234 Thayer St. In Providence. 

Blogs are back up and running. I made them private for a while, so no one could see them but they were still there. Well I'm not really sure why I did that but they are back up again, and I'm going to be contributing to them again regularly.

All the best!


January 11th

This week on Friday OFFBEAT MOTIF will go in to Triad Studio in New Bedford to record our rehearsal of the songs as they are written now for the producer to review and begin his process. This is the first time I've worked on an album with a producer like this and it will be a great learning experience. I have a busy week with Daybreakers getting back on a practice shedule, rehearsal for our rehearsal session this week, a solo acoustic show on Thursday at Noon Hill Grill in Medfield.

Looking forward to my mission to SXSW this March too. My first solo trip. After this one, I am planning a trip to Mexico to play my first international show and to visit the astoundingly beautiful cenotes on the Eastern cost of Mexico. 

On this journey, there's no room for doubt. You cannot let anyone tell you what you are capable of and it is not something for them to decide. You must know what you can do an achieve and stay on it. Nothing will stop me, this is a train on a track that only goes one way.

December 9th 

Daybreakers and I have been working on our album, Offbeat Motif will enter the studio in January. At this point, while I truly love the recording process, I just want it to be out there for everyone to know what the songs sound like. Either way, it will be done soon and I cannot wait for that.

Playing this Saturday night with Connor from Offbeat Motif at Raven's Nest in Walpole. Next Friday Mike Curly, Brian Switch and I will play Thunder Road in Somerville. That should be fun too, we are playing some saxophone, guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass combo variations and have some cool new songs picked out.

I am proud of where I am at and excited for the future. Had such a great weekend with friends and it has left me feeling grateful. 


October 21

While I have been very busy recently with the Daybreakers band and playing solo shows, the amount of attention and recognition the OFFBEAT MOTIF EP has received recently has been quite astounding. I met with Phil Green, who has worked with Aerosmith, Dropkick Murphy's, Ringo Star and Bruce Springsteen (as well as MANY others) and he even complimented the mix on Yo-Yo and Take Control yesterday to me! Many people have told me that they listen to it in their cars and love the way it sounds, that they love the songs and can't wait to here more! What a rewarding experience this has been so far! Listen for yourself: 

Daybreakers and I have started recording our a full length record which will include two of my original songs, "By My Side" and "Ticking Bomb." We are in the tracking stages and this is being done with Dave Deluca, who is a top notch guitarist associated with Swinging Steaks and Girls, Guns and Glory, just some legendary Boston-based blues rock bands. Over the summer with the Daybreakers, we had the opportunity to open for Three Dog Night at Indian Ranch in Webster Ma. That was really cool. We are psyched to take a break from shows this December and work on the album.

Lastly, there is a massive opportunity that has been presented to me, which I cannot officially announce yet. Essentially this will change everything and seems to be the culmination of what I have been working towards. The energy and passion I feel at this point is astounding and I know I will be use this energy toward my opportunity. A perfect storm is brewing on the horizon. Stay tuned.

All the best, 
John Hanson

July 17

THANK YOU for all the support regarding my songs being played on WBRU during the last week of June. It was a true honor and I am totally grateful for the experience... it was most definitely a lifelong goal coming into fruition. Now I just need to get one of my songs in steady rotation!

With the Summer of 2015 progressing aggressively, and the ripe age of 30 coming around the corner in October... I am realizing the preciousness of time. As a result of this realization, I am feeling even more focused than ever before (can you even believe it?!). I am working hard in both the Daybreakers band and on my band OFFBEAT MOTIF, and I know I've teased about a solo album alot, though I am actually IN THE PROCESS of recording a solo album now.

This will be a full length album, under my name John Hanson (boring, right?!) with a dorky title and about 12 to 18 songs which are a mix of reeeallly old songs I wrote when I was 15-17 and some brand spankin' new ones I just wrote last week... and everything else in between. Who knows what will happen. But it WILL happen. Well, I generally know what will happen, but I'm trying to keep it mysterious.

I've found my voice more than ever. I sing from the chest now, reverberating the notes from my heart and soul. When I write, when I meditate, whenever I want, I can feel the self inside myself, and the energy around me. I'm so thankful to realize that so many of the things society tell us are important, that most of those things really DON'T matter, and in that truth, how you proceed in knowing that fact, you find that thinking in this way IS what really matters. The understanding that standards and how other perceive you don't matter will change your life. Don't live the life that you've been told to live, live the life you inherently know is your one true self. You can live beyond the boundaries you've imagined, if listen to your true self, you already know the answers. Turn off thinking and listen to your soul. The outside world may as well be an illusion, like a video game that you lose points in, but you know that those points don't mean anything in reality. The only reality is the one you choose to see, in this way you create your own universe.

All the best,

June 12, 2015

Offbeat Motif went and visited WBRU in Providence and did our in-studio performance and interview on Wednesday night this week! We had a blast playing through the songs with the professional lighting and recording equipment. The interview was hilarious, they asked us all these random questions like, 'If you were in a zombie apocalypse, what would be your role?' 

We will be featured on WBRU the week of 6/22 to 6/26 and they will play a song from our album every night at 9 pm! They will also post the videos of our in-studio performance on their site, which will be there to stay. Such an honor to be featured on a station I have been listening to for years!

OM has a show this Saturday at Shamrocks in Norwood, which is going to be fun as hell. We are planning on working on the new songs and recording them this summer. I have already been working hard on finalizing the songs I have in mind, and cannot wait to show them to the whole band. 

Daybreakers band is working on the recording of their first full length now and it has been a fun process, as we are doing the record at my recording space. We are working hard and sweating (melting) in this hot weather for sake of the music.

My solo stuff has been going well, and I am enjoying playing the Sandbar Grille every Saturday night from 5-8 PM. 

Sorry for the boring informational only update! OK back to business, catch ya later!

All the best,

May 8, 2015

Unbelievable how only a few month have passed and so much happened! The OFFBEAT MOTIF album is out now! Listen here, buy on iTunes, Amazon, listen on Spotify or order a physical copy! I know... so many options! Our album release party was a total blast! Thank you again to everyone who came out.

The album has been played on 94 HJY Soundcheck program and we are scheduled to be featured on WBRU's spotlight artist in June during their Home BRU'd section, which includes an instudio performance! I went on an interview on Tuesday this week for Dave Crespo's show on WEMF in Cambridge, which is dedicated to local Boston Music scene. This Saturday Gravy and I will go on on interview at The Studio Cellar in Attleboro to talk about "Art from Conception to Completion." We are also competing in an online competition to enter the Battle of the Bands for Vans Warped Tour when it comes to Mansfield. Help us out by visiting the page

We have a show coming up next weekend, Friday May 15th, at Mr. Dooley's and an acoustic show the next night at Raven's Nest.. doing the local circuit! Following that, we have a show coming up on May 29th at Copperfield's in Boston. We have our first show at Shamrocks in Norwood on June 13! We will do a couple private parties, one in June and one at my house for 4th of July, which should be a grand ol time. After that we are playing at Anrgy Ham's in August. Other than shows, we have plans to begin recording our all new full length original album and hope to release it around September/December this year.

In other news, the Daybreakers are competing this Saturday for a spot in the SoupStock Festival in Hamden CT. We are going on at 8 pm. We will be playing a show at Waxy O'Connors in Foxboro on May 22nd, which is sure to be a blast. We are also planning on recording our first full length album and aim to have it done mid summer.

For now, staying positive and breezy. Been listening to the new Alabama Shakes album, Sound and Color, its masterful in an interesting way. I saw Robert Delong on Monday with my friend Molly, I put up a review here. Also been listening to the new My Morning Jacket's Waterfall, Speedy Ortiz's Foil Deer, Two Inch Astronaut's Foulbrood, and Courtney Barnett. I highly suggest all of them.


February 27, 2015

Okay, so there are some updates to share: M Curley’s album is finished and in the mastering stage. This will be the first release on my Vegan Zombie Records label that I recorded and produced for another artist! We will celebrate M Curley’s achievement on March 28th at Raven’s Nest at 9 pm for his EP release party.

With this album complete, intensive work continues on the OFFBEAT MOTIF EP and this is to be released April 17th with our own album release party on April 18th, at guess where? The Raven’s Nest. Two new gigs announced for OFFBEAT MOTIF on March 27th and April 29th both at Boston’s Copperfield’s! We are amped to be releasing our first single the day before the Copperfield’s show! More details on that later.

As you may know, I play guitar, sing back up and write for The Daybreakers band, and we are releasing four new songs and some live songs on a CD for our fans, and for digital release. We have two shows coming up, March 14th at City Oasis in Norton and April 10th at Hard Rock Café!

Since I’m totally nuts apparently (jk) I have also decided to continue work as a solo musician. I’ve thought a lot about the ROOFTOP project, which I released an album about a year ago (March 14th 2014). Check it out here. I have definitely decided to continue with this project, though under a different name which I will announce on a later date. This will all be within the themes of heavy dreamy synth, creative soundscapes, and straight forward yet creative song writing and subjects. To account for my singer-songwriter type songs, I will continue work as John Hanson Acoustic, which is going to be yet another project.

So, I know it seems like I’m biting off more than I can chew, and maybe that’s true. But I have these goals and I am not slowing down. If I achieve all of them, my future will certainly change, so that is my goal. If I go down fighting, that’s the only thing I can wish for. In other news, I got a new day job and am excited to take on this new challenge in my office life.

Best, John

January 30 2015

well you guessed it I have more announcements... I am now the newest member of the Daybreakers band, and have been sticking to their intense rehearsal schedule, writing songs for and with them, and helping with the website and social media as well as overall planning for our future as a band. It has been an awesome learning experience and I am seriously blessed to be working with such great guys. 

Offbeat Motif is not taking a back seat throughout this evolution, nor are my solo efforts! In fact, Things have happened on both fronts Since I last shared any news updates here! 

So, Instead of recording a solo effort in CT with Eric Litcher, at Dirt Floor Studios... which I still want to do!... all of OFFBEAT MOTIF went to a different studio last weekend called 9B Studio in Milford Ma and had the pleasure of working with Toft Willingham, the leader singer of regae up and coming group called 'Spiritual Rez.' I have a full report of the event on my blog, check it out here! We will be releasing this Album in about 2 months time, so stay tuned!!

My solo gigs have been going great, and I am happy to announce I am the Friday Night Happy Hour Entertainer every week at Sand Bar Grille in Taunton MA. That's right, you can catch me every Friday from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at the awesome Sandbar Grille. On the solo front, I am happy to say that having Sunday nights off, after three years of hosting a successful open mic at Mr. Dooley's on Sundays, has been quite nice!

See ya out there,

Dec 23rd 2014


 Happy Holidays! A few gig announcements to start! I have begun playing at a new spot in Taunton every Friday, likely to become permanent and on-going, I’ll be the weekly entertainment for the happy hour crowd at Sandbar Grille in Taunton MA! The gig is from 5pm to 8pm every Friday night. This place is totally bodacious and has great ownership in Baha Brother’s Pete. In addition, I have picked up another gig at Tommy Doyle’s in Newton this Friday night, so I will be playing two gigs on Friday, back to back baby! Saturday night, as scheduled, I will be at Mad Raven in Waltham MA. These are all solo gigs. Next OFFBEAT MOTIF gig is coming right up on 12/31/2014, as we are hosting the New Years Eve Party at Tommy Doyle’s in Newton!

 I am ecstatic to announce I will be releasing a new album in the early spring. I am aiming for March! Songs will be recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Connecticut with the sought after, highly recommended and very talented producer Eric Litcher. View more information about the awesome studio here:  - The songs on this new album will in fact be some of the very most recent songs I’ve written, some just last week. They are coming out very quickly, if I didn’t have to work all day, I’d probably still be writing songs right now! I know I have a whole ton of old songs that need to be recorded still, though as I was discussing with my father the other day, it’s these songs that I identifiy with the most right now, and these are the most honest representation of my music, so I will share them most proudly. The older stuff will have to wait for now! I’ve been playing these songs during recent jams with friends and the response has been great!

 I would lastly like to announce I am no longer hosting open mic at Mr. Dooley’s pub in Wrentham on Sunday nights. I am so happy that I got to leave with a bang by hosting the Open Mic Holiday Party on Dec 13th which was a huge success with 13 acts perfoming, including five bands! Everything went great and the music was totally exceptional. With that said, I will be hosting at Mickey Cassidy’s open mic in Medway again in 2015, will continue with Raven’s Nest open Mic in Walpole every other Tuesday, and am looking to start up something new on a Thursday! Also, I have been continuing with the 5:00 teen mass performances once a month at St. Mary’s Church in Wrentham MA, and this has been going very well!

 All for now,


December 11

So I've got a show tonight at a new spot Mick Morgan's in Newton - I've played the at namesake establishment in Walpole, though this will be my first time in the Newton location! Looking forward to it.

This weekend on Saturday is the much anticipated Open Mic Holiday Party at Mr. Dooley's. We are donating to charity with St. Mary's church to help less fortunate families in our community. Also, there is a full list of incredible musicians and bands that will make this a very special night. Big shout out to the Four Boars, Aftermath, Emily and Stephanie Mills, Ted D, Gravy, Mike Curly, Brian Bottomley, George Hope, Sean Callihan, Robert Keating, Bob Sturvant and of course Deb, Dyanne, Jeanne and Father bill for their contributions to this important event.

We have a side project band, a combo of Daybreakers Band and Offbeat Motif, the same group that played at Hard Rock Café on Halloween this year. We are playin a private Party at Cole's Tavern in Franklin on 12-20-2014, come crash it!

Last but not least, Offbeat motif has a break from shows and will be working on original recordings. We have a big show on NYE at Tommy Doyle's in Newton. Yes, we will play from 9-12:30 12/31 to ring in the new year!

Let there be music!

October 27

Man time flies! Had an amazing time at the Middle East Show on 10-14 with massachusetts, dave, and fly moon royalty. Such great people all around and it was an upbeat fun show. Been practiing hard, working like dogs, with Kyle Murphy, Matty Schairer and Mullen for the show coming up this weekend, halloween night at Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown boston. Kyle, Matt and I play together in the Daybreakers and i'm psyched to have them along for this gig! We are gigged as OFFBEAT MOTIF but the inside scoop is we are Day Motif.

After that Offbeat Motif's most current line-up, the Giorgio Bros and I with special Guest Steve Cerrata on lead rock out CopperField's in Boston. The Next Night we rock out on our home turf at The Raven's Nest in Walpole.

Oh and I got to see this cool band from Providence The Silks, who rocked the Met opening for the Drive By Truckers. I met the lead singer after and the drummer and they were awesome, not to mention exceptional players. They recorded their debut CD with Paul Westerberg of the Replacements! Check it out on You Tube.

Last but not least I bought myself an American Tele today and newly engaged in playing as much and as enthusiastically as possible, if you know what I mean. Catch the bug! I'll see ya at Raven'd nest Open mic tomorrow night, back after a four week break! Hell yeah!


September 25

It has been a whirlwind of shows, rehearsal and recording my friends! Lot's of news to update you on. I have a solo show booked at Middle East Cambridge on 10-14-2014! I will play a full set with my band before Fly Moon Royalty takes the stage. 10$at the door! Facebook Event to come!

Offbeat Motif is playing two big shows coming up! ...and the hype keeps growing!! We will be headlining at The Spot in downtown Providence this weekend, 9-28-2014. On Halloween Night we will be at Hard Rock Café in Downtown Boston! In addition, we are playing at Raven's Nest on 10-4-2014 and Mad Ravens on 10-25-2014.

Recording with Mike Curly is still happening, though him and I will be jamming at Mick Morgan's this Sunday afternoon, 9-28-2014, from 1 pm to 4pm. His album is coming along great as well!

I will be releasing a new solo ep, really a re-vamped version of Musty Rustic EP. This will be for sale at my shows and available for download on Band Camp, starting 9-30-2014. Go get the first one now, also on Band Camp!



Had a great weekend playing in plymouth with the Daybreakers and at Mick Morgan's with Offbeat Motif. Psyched to have some merch on the way! I ordered OFFBEAT MOTIF T-shirts from OO - they will be on sale at our next show! I will also have Stickers and a banner. Visit our site for show listings or like us on Facebook!

Looking forward to Mr. Dooley's on 10-20! Bring your friends and wear dancing shoes! This one will be a wild night.


September 8

Hey There! Glad to have had a lot of gigs recently with both the Daybreakers and Offbeat Motif! Exciting things happening on both fronts. With Daybreakers I've joined them on 4 gigs so far and we have a big one this Friday night in Plymouth at New World Tavern. This Saturday Offbeat Motif will be back at Mick Morgan's in Walpole and we are featuring Ricky on drums for the first time. He has had professional experience with the rock band Auburn who has since disbanded.

In my previous post I mentioned a skydiving trip, which got canceled! But I got to play the gig at Wrentham commons which was featured in the paper! Check it out here:

Open mikes have been going well, though with everyone getting used to their fall schedule's attendance was a bit lower than usual. Nevermind that though, I know that we will have a good run this fall and winter!

Mike Curly and I are still making great progress on his first EP which is sounding Awesome and there are other projects in the works including Debbie Goodwell's EP and Diane Battistello's single for the Winslow Farm benefit. Had a great mixing session with Joe Grainey on his originals recently too! 

I have another project in the works and am looking to release of my original music. For this I would like to host a Multi-Media Release party, so if you are an Artist, a musician or an Author, please contact me. I am looking towards early 2015 for this event.

John Hanson

August 14

What up! I have plenty to share today. Got a gig coming up this Saturday - it's an acoustic show at Mr. Dooley's With Connor Quigly and I. We are playing a ton of new material this Saturday which we have been working tirelessly on, new songs by Gorillaz, the Beatles, Mgmt, Pink Floyd, STP, Marcy's Playground, Beastie Boys and Silverchair.

On Sunday I am going Skydiving for the first time! I am actually missing two gigs, one on Wrentham Commons where I would have been playing Rhythm Guitar with local band the Day Breakers, and the weekly Open Mic At Dooley's. Gravy will host open mic this Sunday.

Monday I will be competing in the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge and I can actually stay till this end to see who wins since I am not working at all next week! Tuesday I host Open Mic at Raven's Nest in Walpole and Thursday I will be at a new spot in Scituate, playing at Riva from 4-7pm on the Water. Taking a break next weekend, lil Family Vaca action, though we will be back in acouple weeks as OFFBEAT MOTIF at Raven's Nest on 9-6-2014. Other shows have been added to the Live page.

Recording services are booming. I've got a few projects lined up and everything is sounding great! Get in contact today to book your project and we can schedule your pre-production session, which is a no obligation meeting about your project! Get in touch!

Last but definitely not least, the Rockville Barn Festival has re-entered the realm of possibility! In fact, property owner Ted and I are looking to book this event some time in September or October!!! More to come about that, but too good not to share!

All my best,
John Hanson

July 28

Had a great weekend. Friday night played a few songs during Gravy's set at Terrace Café in Wrentham. Then our band Offbeat Motif played at Mick Morgan's in Sharon outside on the deck to a packed bar. It was a blast. Last Night at Mr. Dooley's Open mic was also a big success, with over ten performers, lots of collaborations, and eclectic amazing music all night.

Added a new show this week on Thursday at Tommy Doyle's in Newton. Also created a Facebook page for Offbeat Motif yesterday. Go Like it! We have a big show coming up this weekend at Angry Ham's Garage in Framingham so be sure to get the reminder to make it out to that one and stay informed about future shows by liking our page!

New recording projects on the horizon including local musician Denise Michelle who will be entering pre-production this week for her new project. More to come on Mike Curly's project too which has been in the works. Check out the Recording page for more details about this process.

Been writing and recording some of my own stuff too. should be able to release something in a few months! I hope! New projects and shows on the horizon. Try and keep up if you can!

Take Care,

July 22

Last night at Lizard Lounge was an absolute blast, cannot wait to be back there on 8/18... might even hit it up earlier! Shout out to new friends Bob, Ariel, and gabe from texas, glad to have met you guys. Open mic on Sunday was a huge success, we had seven performers, our resident comedian, steve Bix, he's hilarious and he is performing at open mics all over the place.

Saturday night I got to check out the Four Boars at the Tavern in Wrentham as well as play during the last set of Gravy's solo show at Mr. Dooley's in Wrentham. Then on Sunday I jammed all day with friends, rick, Gravy and Mike... it was an epic weekend.

Tonight is open mic at raven's Nest. Also, Going to be playing this Saturday at 9 PM at Mick Morgan's in Walpole on Route 1 with OFFBEAT MOTIF. We will be playing some new ones, s
o definitely come check out what we got going on!

That's all for now


July 14

Blessed to live a life surrounded by so much music. Had a great weekend playing over at Mr. Dooley's both on Saturday and host the open mic there on Sunday night lol. Nice to hear newcomers Kendo and first time solo player Tom, of the band kuwala, old favorites like George, Ed and Gravy. Also, It was great to record with Mike Curly and Saxophone player Brian Bottomsly on Friday night as well. Then on Sunday I sat in on the Four Boars recording session with Connor Quigly and joined in on a 'laugh track' which was hilarious and cool to be a part of!

This week should be a relaxing one for me, as I do not have another gig lined up until sunday the 20th. Now that my pool's open I will probably be writing songs next to it as much as possible haha. Next week though, I will be playing three nights in a row, Sunday at the Mr. Dooley's Open mic, then I am hitting up the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge in Cambridge on Monday July 21st and on Tuesday July 22nd I will be hosting Open mic at Raven's Nest in Walpole. That Weekend I am playing with OFFBEAT MOTIF at Mick Morgan's outside on the deck.

Purchased a banner for the band today, so obviously we are the real deal now haha. I have beig plans for the future of Offbeat Motif, more videos, an improved website, more venues closer to boston and recording in the future. We are going to try to plan Vans Warped Tour next year in Boston. Stay tuned my friends!


July 10

It's been a busy summer so far, the weather has been amazing. I had a great time playing Mike Curly's OMGWTFBBQ party. We recorded it, so maybe we will be able to get some of the live audio out there soon.

I'm booked at Mr. Dooley's for a solo show this Saturday, though I plan to bring a few guests for sure. More to come on that so watch my Facebook.

We had an epic night at Mr. Dooley's Open mic night last Sunday. Those of us who were there know exactly what I'm talking about. Never a dull moment my friends! Also, thank you to everyone who came out this week to Open Mic at Raven's, that has become such a great open mic and I owe it all to you for coming out.

See Ya soon.


June 13

Hey! I've added a bunch more shows to the live section and have some coming up this weekend: Saturday June 14th day show at Byrd Park in Walpole, I play at Noon solo and at 1:30 with Steve Snuffer, Saturday June 14th Night show at Raven's Nest with OFFBEAT MOTIF. Then on Sunday June 15th I play a day show at Mick Morgan's Acoustic Summer Concert Series Feature on at 1 pm until 5 PM and finally, sunday, June 15th  I am hosting my weekly Open mic at Mr. Dooley's in Wrentham!

Other than that, I am happy to say I've been able to continue working with the talented Mike Curly recording his first EP. So far it is coming out really great. Nice to be using the Rooftop Recordings space. I've been researching about DIY Acoustic treatments for the room and plan to construct wall Panels, Moveable Baffles as well as some xrl cables. Big thanks to Mike Davidson and Baines Kluxen of Plaid Dog Studios for their advice about this!

Been making some great connections through the Open mics' and the community and I am happy to say the more I work towards a life as a Music Producer and Songwriter, the more I can feel it coming to fruition. I am one week in to the middle of a self-made 30 day challenge I created to do MORE towards this end goal, with more FAITH than ever before. Let me tell you, this is powerful stuff my friends!!! You gotta do it!

Shout out to my new friends at the Stoughton House of Brews Open Mike. Big thanks to Kevin for hosting and Becca for hanging out! Had a good time playing this open mic, it is on every Thursday!

Lastely, I wrote an Article about Jim Carrey's Commencement Speech on my Wordpress Blog: . This is a great speech that you must check out. I also put up a review of the excellent new Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Album - Midnight Sun. This is Sean Lennon and his girldfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl's project. Very cool, psychedelic rock, with a folky feel and fantastic production.

Hope to see you out at the gigs! Until next time!

John Hanson

May 2

Thank you for the feature in Medfield Home Town Weekly! - That's right Folks, I got wrote up in my hometown paper for the work I've done with the Open Mic's!! Front Page news! Much thanks to Josh who did the interview - A class act!

Check it out here:

This Saturday is set to be a great show at Dooley's - we are doing another "John hanson and Friends" event Featuring a solo set by me, some collaborative work with Gravy, Rob Keating on drums, Jimbo on Sax and the possibility of a few other special guests! The party starts at 8:30 pm - Hope to see you there!

More to come on the Summer Music Festival at Rockville Barn and the Summer backyard concert series at Welsh's, MI Casa and Casa De Chicken House Ghost Tribe. Also, excited to announce Tony R from the Four Boars and I Have been making plans to start recording a side project with Mary McAvoy and his Guitarist from The Four Boars, Sean Dude. Also the next Vegan Zombie Records release, a wonderfully minimal and hauntingly beautiful track from the talented Mike Curly!

Lastly, Rooftop Studio's is in Budgeting stages for a major overhaul - basically I'm going get all the junk that's in their organized, then do some sound Analysis to professionally soundproof and acoustically treat the room, budget for equipment, update my vocal mc, and then I will be booking more projects! So much more to come!!!


April 17

We had a great gig and Open mic at Raven's Nest - such talent at the Open MIC! Special thanks to Andrew and Audrey who Killed it on Saturday night at the Raven's nest as Guest Musicians with OFFBEAT MOTIF. 

The fun continues this weekend at Angry Ham's Garage in Framingham - OFFBEAT MOTIF will take the stage at 8:30 pm. Next Weekend we will be in Waltham, back at the Mad Raven. The Live Page has been updated.

I am Being interviewed by HomeTown Weekly today for a feature in the Medfield paper - thank you to all who have helped make the open mic's News Worthy! Crazy!

I am Booking new acts for Recording. As a Thank you for a successful launch of Vegan Zombie Records and Rooftop Studios, all recording sessions are 100 Percent free!!! 

That's all for now!
PS New Articles on my Blog!

April 10

Really looking forward to the gig at Raven's Nest this Saturday! This is titled the "Epic Gig" considering the nature of guest stars joining us! The extremely talented Andrew Bredossian will play Violin with us and we will have a guest singer in Fahkin Audrey-Khed on four songs! The fun starts at 9 pm - check out for our full schedule and also the updated bio, which I proudly penned, is quite funny! (to me at least it is)

BIG THINGS COMING UP THIS SUMMER!!!!! I am planning a five to seven act Festival at Rockville Farm in Millis - Ted's place for some time in July or August! Also, Mr. Dooley's is going to help sponsor a Battle of the Bands at Cracker Barrel Fields, outdoors on the stage! Also, OFFBEAT MOTIF and Chicken House Ghost Tribe are proud to announce their backyard concert series, should be insanely wild. 

I am currently working on a recording project for Mike Curly, and it is sounding great. To get time in the studio, check out my recording page and contact me via e-mail For a very limited time, all recording services are COMPLETELY FREE!! So get after it!


March 26

An Update! Had a great weekend playing with Bouncing Boulders and OFFBEAT Motif and then hosting Open Mic at Mr. Dooley's on Sunday! Much thanks to Joe Hart Band and Richard Davia for doing the show! Our OFFBEAT MOTIF Gig was in Waltham at The Mad Raven, our second time there... and it was a total blast. Much thanks to Audrey, a customer of the bar who came up and belted out some Aretha Franklin for us! We've invited her to do it again on our show there on April 26th. Much Thanks to the Onyx Project, Dan and Sean, for playing with OFFBEAT MOTIF at the Mad Raven in Waltham. Great Time!

The fun is on again this week/weekend. Thursday Night, Mike Curly will be entering Vegan Zombie Record Studios for his second tracking session. So far, its sounding great! Friday Night I will be supporting a friend of mine, Bags at Mr. Dooley's in Wrentham, playing rhythm Guitar and singing back-up as part of his band on Friday Night. Saturday Night I will be hosting the Open Mic at Mickey Cassidy's in Medway, and Sunday I will be attending a friend of mine's concert in Boston! The Open Mic will be on at Mr. Dooley's, A friend of mine Tony from the Band "The Four Boars" is filling in as a Guest Host. 

Next week, Raven's Nest Open Mic is back on, Tuesday Night 4/1/14. Starting in April we will be there every week! Last week was an amazing and eclectic Open mic at Raven's Nest. So blessed to be surrounded by so many talented players! 

See ya out there, John

March 4

ROOFTOP - Musty Rustic EP released today: my debut solo EP. Stream or Download free, or donate using name your own price tool! Download the whole EP and get a bonus track free! An eclectic collection of songs: explores the genres of alternative and contemporary folk and achieves a well defined sound. Features melodic vocals, beat-driven ambient tracks, self-production, guitar and synthesizers.

A music video for the first song GET WHAT YOU WANT will be released 3-11-2014, followed by a video for THERE'S MORE HERE on 3-18-2014!

Thank you! JH

March 3

Another incredible weekend with my band OFFBEAT MOTIF, my friend Mike Curly on mandolin opening up for the band on Saturday night, jamming with my friend Joe Greaney yesterday and then playing the open mic last night with Julian, Heidi, George, Bags, Jillian, Jon Bowser and Joe! Feeling blessed to be playing so much music and with such great musicians and friends to play for. Seems like perfect timing to be releasing my first solo EP… ROOFTOP – The Musty Rustic EP!

I will put the album up for sale at midnight tonight! I will also be releasing a music video for the first song GET WHAT YOU WANT on 3/11/2014! I will follow that one with a music video for THERE’s MORE HERE on 3/18/2014! The album will be available on itunes and bandcamp (band camp is the name your own price, aka free version!)!

I have a confession about this release: if you have already listened to the all the songs on my soundcloud you may be familiar with some of the material on this album already! There are a few reasons why I chose to put these songs on the CD. One, I need something professional to hand out at shows! Two, a lot of people may not have had time to listen to all the songs on soundcloud, or may not have listened to them at all! Three, I have, in each case, improved upon the recordings that were posted previously, so they are new and improved versions of the songs!

I have probably mentioned previously how I am snowballing with momentum. I am already planning my next release. While the Musty Rustic is more of an electronic, eclectic and alternative album, I think the next will be a bit more rootsy, with more guest musicians and a wider array of instruments. Also, I’ve got some fun projects in the works, such as another BOUNCING BOULDERS show coming up March 21st in Norwood with the Joe Hart Band, a collaboration performance on video with the aforementioned Joe Greaney and, to come, a festival with about 5 bands that we will throw this summer!

One more thing: the shows have been updated on my “Live” page!

Peace and love, John


Open Mic Jam Sessions have been freaking spectacular. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and participating! Our canceled show, due to the snow, on Saturday at Raven's Nest resulted in a pretty cool surprise OFFBEAT MOTIF Acoustic Gig at Mr. Dooley's - that was fun, thanks for coming out to that too!

The EP Musty Rustic EP has arrived in the mail. Come to my show and get your free copy! I am working on some more web development stuff, copywriting and getting it licensed for TV/Movies so Official the release date is still March, though I'm going with March 4th instead of March 17th! It will be for sale -name your own price - on BandCamp and on ITunes!

Did you know about my
Wordpress Blog? Lots of Law of Attraction, Inspiration, random thoughts and gut wrenching truth straight from the soul. Here is my most recent Post:

Thoughts on the Impending Musty Rustic EP Release

To look at yourself through someone else’s eyes is impossible. I’ve put my music in a physical format and begun handing it out to people, and though everything has been positive from the first few friends I’ve given it to, its got me thinking about what they think I’m trying to say. I fear the record may have inklings of self-indulgence. This is exactly the thing I am trying to avoid.

That being said, this blog, my website, my music in general, maybe this is perceived as one big cluster fuck of excessive indulgence in my passion, with no real purpose over than exploring it for myself. Perception to the perceiver is reality, Yet, this does not resonate with me, and I have to say this is not true based on the fact it doesn’t feel right to me. This is something bigger than me that I am participating in.

I am participating in following my passions, and by doing so, I am putting the energy out there that someone else may be encouraged to do the same. I am participating in what it means to be a musician, to be independent and to be a contributor, in a greater sense than before, to the amazing world of music. I am also announcing a few messages to those who hear the record. I am very humble, yet this is what I do, so how could I not want to share it?

Whether the right message is delivered, received, or understood in my release, it does not really matter. This is the first time I’ve put something out, so, now I know more about what it feels like and I have already learned a great deal from it. I am learning how to better write, deliver, and make known my message through this experience. It may not always be comfortable, though growth is like that.

You need to stretch your comfort zone, put yourself out there. My record can be scrutinized, though, I doubt anyone will scrutinize it as much as me. I can live with it, and because I’ve done it, the next one will be even better.

So, I made the record with Garage Band and Pro Tools. I used some beats from Garage Band and my Alesis synthesizer, which is really just a small keyboard. I did only one of the songs in Pro Tools, the first one. Four out of six are re-workings of songs I’d released before. For theses reasons I feel like this work is actually a representation of where I was, rather than where I am now, though it also stands for where I am going.

The next record will hopefully be done in June. I have begun planning already. It’s funny how this momentum thing works, my first EP hasn’t even been released yet (March 4th) and I’m already planning my next. I plan to record with more guest musicians, with all original drum samples, only in Pro Tools and to do one song in a professional studio.

That being said, I am in a place right now where I feel proud of my release. It has some excellent parts, some beautiful parts, some meaningful parts, some introspection, some skill displayed. There is a lot of value that can be found inside its contents. There is an eclectic selection of songs. It may not be perfect, but its there and I’m proud of it.

Lifted from my blog:


February 11

I've finished the recording of the Musty Rustic EP and ordered it. The EP will be available to friends and close Fans as soon as I get it, I think it will arrive this week. I will be giving them out free at my shows and open Mikes so just ask me for a copy. There are six self produced, completely original songs, each of which represents different facets of my musical style. The official release date is March 17th.

these songs are about many things, including relationships, the state of our nation,\living out your dreams, and the unseen forces in our world that shape our future. The sound is versatile: There's the lead single "Greater Wakes" - an Acoustic Ballad type song with a strong chorus. "Up To Speed" slows it down for bit; "Trenches" picks up the energy with a new recording of the song and plenty of lead guitar; "There's More Here" has an electro-trance element, "Get What You Want" is spacey as well; and lastly "Makin Funky Music" is an Alternative rap.

With this being my first ever release, I've still yet to perfect the process. I've been working hard to get album reviews with little success. None-the-less, I won't be getting discouraged. I will be getting a Facebook Page, a Band-Camp Page, focusing on some local radio stations and publications to help promote. Please stay tuned for the launch of my facebook Page and spread the good word about my music if you like it!

Thanks to Bags, I have been reminded of some dates I forgot to list at Mickey Cassidy's in Medway. I will be hosting Open Mike there on select Saturdays. Check out the
live page.

Best, JH

January 27

Well it was a fascinating weekend. We had a Great night for my solo show on Friday Night at Mr. Dooley's. I had the privilege of excellent guest spots: Mike Curly on Mandolin, Emily ad Stephanie Mills on Vocals, Bob Sturtevant on Bass, Gravy on Guitar and Jeff Hanson on Guitar. Lots of collaborations made for an entertaining night! A fan told me it may have been the best show ever.

check out my official

My song "Greater Wakes" my song Greater Wakes has been added to the playlist of two internet radio stations on Live 365! The stations are Deepcuts based out of Southcoast MA with 32,000 listeners and Always Hard-on Rock Radio based out of San Diego CA with 64,000 listeners. This is the lead single off of my EP which will be released this March! This is the type of break I have been waiting for and things can only go up from here! Listen to my song streaming here:

Through perseverance and hard work, your visualizations and goals can become reality. Like they say in the Secret: thoughts become reality. There is no reason you cannot make your dreams come true, you just need to think about them in the right way. Never think about what you don’t want. Easier said than done, but with practice you can get better at it.

Coming off what a fan of mine called my “best show ever” on Friday night means I have risen to the occasion and arrived in many ways. Knowing I attracted that reaction to my performance is motivating and invigorating. With the news that my song now has an internet presence on internet radio, I can feel the forward moving progress and I am ready to forge ahead. By this I mean that I am ready to attract more of that which I need, more situations and people into my life that will get me to the next level (and subsequently the next one after that, and soon enough the Grammy’s/Bonnaroo headliner), and I am ready to let go of the things that do not aid my progress.

To anyone and everyone who has supported me thus far, I am forever grateful. Without your support, I would not possibly be able to feel as hopeful for the future as I do now. You know who you are. :)

Check out my music review site:

Lots to come about Vegan Zombie records! I am recording a few new artists in February, Mike Curly, Gravy, the Onyx Project and Bags!! For more information visit the site. New Artists submit at:

Much love, JH

January 15

Hey, it's Been too long! Had a great Holiday Season, nice to relax and see some family. 
OFFBEAT MOTIF had some great shows, specifically the show at Raven's Nest in Walpole on 12-21-13, it was in the middle of a snowstorm, yet somehow the bar was packed and we rocked the place. We also played Mr. Dooley's on 12-27, our home base, and a new venue called the Mad Raven in Waltham on 12-28. Our next shows are coming up in February. 

Coming up I will be hosting Raven's Nest Open Mic on 1-21-14, Tuesday Night. Then that Friday, 1-24-14 I will be performing a "solo" show, with some friends, at Home Base, Mr. Dooley's in Wrentham.

I plan to release a Solo EP under the name
ROOFTOP sometime in March/april/may. I am perfecting the recordings of 6 choice songs, copywriting, researching, reaching out to press and building the press kit materials. If anyone knows shit about this, please let me know, I am looking for a mentor.

My home studio, Rooftop Recordings, is fully functioning and up and running. I have already recorded Gravy and Jeff Hanson, my father yes, and have Mike Curly Lined up to record next. The Onyx Project will be going through pre-production soon. These artists will all be part of the 
Vegan Zombie Records Family.

Until next time!

November 24
Had a great weekend playing on Friday Night at Red Stone Grill and on Saturday Night at the Lou Dom Music Festival. We also got to check out the tail end of my good friends' band the Four Boars at Mr. Dooley's. It was great to see all the other acts at Lou Dom as well as the Four Boars. Not to mention, Dan Ducey and Axman Sean played great during our set breaks on Friday Night - Also Connor Quigley Rocked the house during our versions of Freebird and Watchtower. I should be able to post video of the group I played with at Lou Dom Festival on Saturday. It was nuts... a 13th piece band, we called it the Bouncing Boulders. 

With so much good music around here it's exciting to see what the future will hold for it. The sky's the limit and we are already having way too much fun to stop any time soon. The greatest large changes usually happen when a small group of dedicated people set their minds on achieving something. Whatever the motive is, in a way we are part of something like that, even if its only our own worlds that we change.

Looking forward to the December shows
we've added. We'll be back at Guru Bar and grill on Friday Dec 13th, Raven's Nest on Dec 14th and Mr. Dooley's on Dec 26th.

Yeah, Buddy.

November 4

Looking forward to the show this weekend at Guru Bar and Grille! Line-up will include Mullen on Bongo and Connor Quigley on Lead Guitar playing avec moi. Also Dan Ducey will provide some tunes during set breaks. Should be an excellent time. This month brings some cool other
shows including a night hosting at Mickey Cassidy's, Nov 16, a solo show at Red Stone Grill, Nov 22 and I am playing with The Bouncing Boulders at Lou Dom Fest on Nov 23.

I wrote an interesting piece on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in relation to our modern state of living on my re-designed
blog. Lastly, thank you to all who have come out to the Open Mic at Mr. Dooley's, we really have created a special and awesome thing over there.

Catch Ya on the Flip/side - John

October 28

This past weekend was eventful, we Went out and saw my friend’s band play at Raven’s Nest on Friday night. They call themselves Chicken Ghost House Tribe: awesome jam band vibe, great work all around, lots of fun. Plenty of people came out too, plus I unexpectedly bumped into some old friends and people from my hometown.  Then on Saturday night I went out to see my other friend’s band play at Mr. Dooley’s. This is a great cover band Criminals and Beauty Queens. This was a particularly fun event because Jackie and I went dressed as living dead – all fake-bloody and torn-up clothes. I finished up the weekend with a Pats win, a Red Sox win and a booming open mic. A new band, Koala, came in (ages 14-19) and rocked out on some originals and choice covers such as ‘Welcome to Paradise’ (complete with the full breakdown part – props). In addition, we had eight to ten additional performers, including one new guy Steven who is quite the guitarist.

This week should be excellent. Tuesday night we are taking the open mic show to Raven’s Nest. Thursday Jackie and I are heading to a Halloween party at Plaid Dog Studios which is a themed event: dead rock stars. We are going as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (whose career is dead). This weekend is another Halloween party on Saturday – which is slightly unfortunate since I will not be able to check out John Benninghof and Spiritual Rez in Cambridge, nor Dave Cournoyer with Wiki 3 at Mr. Dooley’s. Bummer, man, bummer. But gotta be a good friend to my friend who’s throwing the party. Maybe theres a show on Friday I can check out, otherwise, I will be forced to work on recording!

Until Next Time, 


October 12

Hey there! I have a big announcement to make - I am currently in the tracking stages of the first OFFBEAT MOTIF release!! The plan is to put out a 5 song EP to help you hear our
original songs so you may sing along during our shows! lol. This sample will surely give you all the grit and bite of our live show on a portable and fashionable CD - Fuckin' Right! More to come on this, though the recording phase should be complete by 11-16-2013 - just about a month.

had a slight change in
my schedule, i will host Mickey Cassidy's on Nov. 16 and be playing Lou Dom Festival with the Bouncing Boulders on Nov. 23. I have updated this in my Live section. 

Lastly I'd like to acknowledge and thank my wonderful family, friends and my beautiful girlfriend, Jacqueline, for all your love and support. I could not think of what my life would be like without you all. I am truly blessed to be surround by such loving and great people. My
dedication to music is only strengthened when I think about the joy I might be able to return to all who has brought such goodness into my life. to my new Niece, Maya, welcome to our family... you are the luckiest baby in the world considering the immense amount of love I know my sister and my brother-in-law Adam will give you.

Much Love!

September 29

What's up!? The new dedicated
studio room in my house is up and running, you would love the look... all wood, high ceilings, loaded with amps, guitars, drums and keys and my recording set up. Also I am in process of building the studio in true DIY fashion, currently building a soundproof screen for behind the condenser Mic out of Paint Screens and Air Conditioning insulation. Haha. Next is the moveable wall and the hanging of additional sound proofing on the walls.

The Last
OFFBEAT MOTIF gig was kick ass, especially having my good friend Gravy fill in on Bass and providing stellar vocals. High energy and great rock music filled the night as our amazing fans relished in the glory of the excitement. By the way, nice dance moves!

Recording Connection school is down to one final Lab, which is the drum mic lab and I am looking forward to it, but not to classes ending! It will be good to free up some time though. I plan to record some of my songs in my new studio at the house, specifically "Citronella," "Yo-Yo" and "Take Control," which are the originals I have been playing with OFFBEAT MOTIF.  It's about time to lay em down.

I am playing at two new spots this Fall, Guru Bar in Franklin and Red Stone Grill in North Attleboro. If you haven't, check out my newest song "There's More Here" on
Soundcloud. Hope to Catch you at my next Open Mic! Until next time!


August 21

Summer winding down, time to update the site because it looks like I'm running out of shows... this is not the case though my friends! I have updated the
live section with the new dates. Big show this Saturday at Angry Hams Garage in Framingham. OFFBEAT MOTIF will take the stage at 9:30 pm. Should be a raucous time.

I have been writing a lot for MVREMIX.com_ROCKBLOGS. Check out my Articles here: I have also posted a few more at my Blog spot site.

New song uploaded to my SOUNDCLOUD page also. It's called Trance. Check it out here. Sign up for souncloud while you are there... it is a great music website.

Stay strong, there is always a reason to go on.

August 1st

Updates to the site:
Video Section and improved Music section. I have also updated my live page to add more upcoming shows. The mobile site has also been improved. 

Looking forward to the upcoming shows. Also, check out my newest album review on for the
Bosnian Rainbows new album, the frontman from Mar's Volta's new band.

Johnny Rooftop

July 24th

Open Mics have been going well at Raven's Nest and Mr. Dooley's, despite the mid summer vacation lul, we've had musicians in attedence and with loads of talent to boot.  I'm excited for this Saturday's Open mic at Mickey Cassidy's in Medway.

I played a solo show on Friday night at Dooley's. It was a great time. The whole regular crew was there and there was plenty of drinking and hollering... You Really can't beat it. I performed from 8 to midnight, over 40 songs, and played a few with my dad. In the process of making that set list I have realised I probably know over 100 songs a this point, and about 50 more if you count originals. Thats kinda nuts. Well... I would need to have the lyrics, I've probably only memorized about 50.

Audio Production and Engineering with Recoring Connection is winding down. I am excited as this will open up more opportunites for me to work on my record and with friends and other band who I am excited to record. My album will be a group effort, with the guitarist and drummer from my band, some of the guys from a band the Four Boars, and other friends from open mics all being featured at various points. 

Johnny Rooftop

June 29th

home from Firefly Festival in Dover DE, even though is was a almost a week since our return, I think i finally caught up on sleep last night. The open mic on Tuesday at Raven's Nest was great, such good talent at that new spot, having a blast with it. I am working on a review foe of KT Tunstall's new album Invisible Empire // Crescent moon and enjoying the album very much. 

shows have been updated. Looking forward to the next Offbeat Motif show at Dooley's on 7/13. Should be kick-ass. 

I have been writing some articles on my wordpress site. I call it "Articles to Improve your music career" : 

Hiring an artist for my first independent album. Still working on the recordings, but hit me up at if you are interested in any aspect of the process, I have been learning a lot.

Thank you for visiting, come again - : 0 


June 15th

Seed of Self has been released and my song Greater Wakes of Life is for sale
here! I have also Uploaded a collection of solo recordings and that is for sale for just $4.99! J.Rooftop "Solo"

OFFBEAT MOTIF's next show will be 7-19 at Mr. Dooley's. Our show last night at Chieftain Pub was killer and we made lots of new friends and fans as well as had a great time with the old! 

Thank you for visiting! It's good for your health!

June 10th, 2013

Annoucement!! Two new dates for my band OFFBEAT MOTIF -----------------THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 6-14-2013, at Chieftain Pub in Plainville MA at 9 pm aaaaaand Friday, 7-19-2013, at Mr. Dooley's Pub in Wrentham MA at 9 pm.

Open mic is on for this Tuesday, 6-11-2013, at Raven's Nest in Walpole at 8 pm. Also, Open Mic is on throughout the summer every Sunday at Mr. Dooleys Pub in Wrentham at 7:30 PM. Two more open mic dates at Mickey Cassidy's as well, 7-27-2013 and 8-24-2013.
This is all updated on the Live section of this website.

I've also written some great new articles which can be seen on the site, under the articles section. Or visit the source site for these articles here.

To COME: I will post the Seed of Self CD on this site for sale, as well as my very first indpendent release, the Johnny Rooftop EP.

Stay True to yourself

June 7th, 2013

At our first gig, Offbeat Motif wowed the audience. It was an incredible turn-out and a great time. Original songs Citronella and Take Control were very well received. Video will be uploaded tomorrow and I will put the link here on this site. Covers were awesome to of course, FreeBird, Last Dance with Mary Jane and Have You Ever Seen the Rain were highlights. Best show of my life.

The compilation CD I am featured on,
Seed of Self: Interpretations of Sound From Around the World, was received in the mail. I will be selling copies of the album here on this site as soon as it is released officially on 6-17-2013!!  My song "Greater Wakes of Life" sounds amazing mastered and is lucky number 7 on the disk.

The Articles section of my website has been updated to include new entries: "
How Record Company Contracts Work" and "How to Stay Focused on Goals: The Rooftop Method."

I've been working on some Tracking and Mixing and will be selling an EP on my website to compliment the release of the Seed of Self Album and my "Greater Wakes of Life" Single.

Stay Tuned and do things in moderation! Except your goals.

John Rooftop Hanson

May 3rd, 2013

the Summer gigs are coming for our newly formed band - OFFBEAT MOTIF - Drummer  Mike Mullen, Lead guitarist Connor Quigley and me, John Hanson, on rythm guitar and vocals. We are Looking for a steady bassist, know anyone? We have over 10 
shows booked for this summer! More shows to come including a summer festival and gigs in the boston area.

This website features a new
articles section, offering advice, motivation and opinons about music. My first article has just been finished! "Booking Your Gigs The Right Way"

Also I am writing reviews and articles for - a rock blog website for the Alternative rock and "underground" indie releases. First published CD review is Dale Eanrhardt Jr. Jr.'s Patterns.

The Album "Seed of Self," the compilation CD featuring my song "greater Wakes of Life," will be released sometime within the next few months.  I will announce the official date soon!

Lastly, I am currently planning the professional recording of my first release, which I have decided I will make a Full-length, studio album. I will begin recording this album upon completion of my apprenticeship program at
Zippah Studios
in Boston MA.

Thanks for visiting! - it's good for your health


March 22, 2013

All systems go in the 2013 year, it has been a huge year so far.  My song "Greater Wakes of Life" will be featured on the Seed of Self release, which will be released this spring. Seed of Self is the international independent release from me and my fellow music career mentoring students of I will also graduate from that program this year.

In addition I will be completing my Audio Production apprenticeship program at Zippah Studios in Boston MA with up-and-coming producers Mike Davidson and Baines Kluxen.  Following my apprenticeship, I will begin Bristol Studios Artist Development coaching. I also have plans to release a professionally recorded 4 song demo this summer. Also in the cards may be a tour in europe... believe it! Stay tuned!

Thanks for visting!
Stay Tuned for more exceptional Programing in the form of Blog posts!

December 16, 2012

As open mic in wrentham picks up steam, at Mr. Dooley Olde Irish Pub, 303 Shears St. Wrentham Ma, the plans are flying into my head for the future. I have announced that my song "greater wakes of life" will be on a compilation cd that will be distributed world wide.  this release of this cd has been delayed due to slow post and other difficulty.  None-the-less the cd is on track and the artwork is nearly done.  also, i have begun a site in which the artists on this CD can post about their expericience making the album.  The site can be found here:  there are already stories posted from other artists on the album and the stories will soon pile up.

I have also announced I would release a demo cd.  This has been coming together wonderfully, the recording sessions are going great and the music will surely get a buzz going as i hand them out to everyone possible.  I will have it professionally packaged and it will feature three of my original songs.

Until next time!  

Johnny Rooftop
- aka John Hanson, Janey Haney, Hotshot, Johnny Hammersticks, Open Mic Host Man, Offbeat Motif and the Master of disaster - not really the master of disaster though

September 29, 2012

Announcement: My new song "greater Wakes of LIfe" will be submitted to be featured on the latest Tom Hess MCMP Compilation CD which will be released later this year.

I am also working as the Art Manager on this project and I am excited to announce the Joseph Vincuilla will be completeing the album artwork and graphic design.  He is well known for producing astounding vector and graphic art, i strongly encourage a visit to his website:

September 20, 2012

The launch of my webiste today - features photos, news, upcoming shows, music, videos, and how to get in touch. So excited to share my experiences with you all, thank you for visiting, be sure to visit for updates, sign up for my mailing list

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